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Indicating and Controlling Instruments

We offer sleek, reliable and cost effective Indicating and Controllling Instruments that includes digital timers, electronic digital timers, digital indicators, digital process indicators. These instruments come in variety of models and are the best in the market. They are long-lasting and perform well.

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Process Indicators - Large Size Display

  • Electronic Counters- Batch Counters for Shop floor
  • Cement Bag Counter
  • Large Size Displays

The bag counting system offered by Protocontrol is a complete solution developed after considering requirements of cement and fertilizer industries, where accuracy and reliability are given the most importance. Models from simple Bag Counter to complete Bag Counting and Automation System with interfacing facility (RS 232 / RS 485) with existing data acquisition systems are also available.

This micro-controller based count receives input signal from Pulse Generating Unit incorporating a state of the art sensor, specially developed for dusty environment, and indicates the "Target" value as well as "Production". The Pulse Generating Unit assembly is purely mechanical type, which enables the system to run successfully in dusty environment. Whenever cement bag passes through the sensor assembly, it touches the moving arm. As the moving arm gets lifted up, the flag fixed on the moving pipe comes in front of the sensor. The sensor senses flag and produces a signal. Special sensor is used having protection grade of IP 67, is immune to dust, oil and water. The display unit is provided with hooks for hanging at the 3 to 5 meter height. Extra large size (2 /4 inch height ),bright Red led display (for clear visibility in dusty environment ) are suitable for viewing from distance. The output contacts of counter are used in interlocking circuit for generating an alarm. The relay contacts can also be used to stop feeding of the bag to the truck or wagon.

Many features are incorporated considering site conditions, like:

  1. No false counting, due to proven design of Pulse Generating Unit
  2. Online set value change is possible.
  3. Built in delay: To avoid double count sensing due to bag edge.

This bag counter includes
  • Pulse Generating Unit

  • Bag Display Unit

  • Control Unit (Setting Terminal)

  • Expansion Circuit & interfacing Software (Optional)

Pulse Generating Unit

Pulse Generating Unit

Consists of mechanical assembly and specially developed Bag Sensor. The pulse generating assembly is to be installed on telescopic conveyor. Special care is taken while designing so that no false counting of the bag takes place. The signal from pulse generating unit is fed to the counter unit.

Other sensors like Photoelectric sensor (Sick Optex Japan make, specially designed for use in dusty environment) Inductive or Capacitive sensors can also be used as per the site conditions and requirement. (Protocontrol application engineer is keen to help you for proper selection of sensor, please call factory for further details.)

Size: Depend on the size of the conveyor. Please specify conveyor size.
Other sensors can also be offered as per the requirement.

Bag Display Unit

Display Unit

This is a micro-controller based fully programmable user friendly unit. Latest micro-controller based circuitry (immune to the electrical noise in heavy industry) with proven circuit makes it the most wanted bag counter in industry. The counter is having two displays i. Target ii. Production

The value indicated by display "Target" shows the set value (bags to be loaded in a vehicle). The value indicated by "Production" means the achieved value (bags actually loaded). Both displays has four digits 2 "large sized red LED (seven segment) display. Optional 4" display unit can also be offered. The large and bold display makes it easy, viewing from distance of more than 200 Mtrs.

Common Technical Specifications:

Bag Display Unit: Series: BAGCOUNT
  1. Supply : 230 VAC 50 Hz.
  2. Input : From specially developed Pulse Generating Unit (Bag sensor)
  3. Display : a) Four digit display for TARGET
                  b) Four digit display for PRODUCTION
  4. Reset : From Control Unit (Setting Terminal)
  5. Out Put : Potential free contacts rating 2 Amp resistive at 230 VAC max.
  6. Fuse Link : 2 Amp.
  7. Mounting : Hanging
  8. Make: Protocontrol
  9. Size of display unit : 270 (W) X 345 (H) X150 (D) Approx.

Control Unit (Setting Terminal)

Parameters of display unit: Parameters like changing the target value and resetting the counter can be set by Control Unit. Control Unit is a handy unit of compact size generally kept hanging with the help of cable. Can also be provided with connector so that the chief loader can have only one control unit common for all counters.

Size: 100 (w) X 80 (H) X 50(D) Approx.
With up, Down and reset keys.

Expansion Circuit & interfacing Software (Optional)

The complete bag counting system having interface with existing DCS can also be offered by using expansion circuits and interfacing software. Real time based print outs & data acquisition software to generate complete information about production and dispatch is possible. Totallised, shift wise, machine wise, date wise data for statistical analysis and production monitoring are achieved with this software.

We are keen in giving you complete Bag Counting System. Full details can be given after studying your requirement. Please send us your complete requirement.

PROTOCONTROL offers bag/jet pulse filter timers for use in fertilizer plants, food industries and packing industries. These Timers are used when sequential operation of output devices like solenoids is required in a desired sequence.

Three types of Timers are manufactured depending on the output required.

  1. Solid State Circuit: Relay Output
  2. Solid State Circuit: Triac Output.
  3. Micro-controller Based Models having Triac Output

Further these timers are divided in Three varieties depending on the type of mounting / enclosures.

JET PULSE SEQUENCER TIMER / Bag Filter Sequencer Timer

  • Open PCB mounted : PCB is to be fitted in panel.
  • Wall mounting suitable for outdoor mounting IP-65.
  • Flame proof enclosure.

Outputs are switched ON & OFF as per the time setting set by potentiometer. ON time and OFF time is set by Separate potentiometer. Common or individual time setting are available. Numbers of operating channels are selected by just selection of link. In special models it is selcted by thumbwheel.

Sophisticated micro-controller models have keypads for above settings. Latest micro-controller technology is used for circuit design, this makes it suitable for heavy industrial use.

System Application

As soon as the supply is given to the control unit, it starts its output sequentially cleaning several rows of bags one after another. The bags are cleaned by sending pulse ofcompressed air through nozzle pipe for each of all bags. The injected compressed air is controlled by solenoid valves installed in the nozzle pipe. The No. of solenoide valves are equal to number of rows of bags in the filter unit. Several rows of bags are cleaned at a time.

As soon as the supply is given, the filtering starts and cleaning cycle starts from the first solenoid. An output is given one at a time and the relay operates sequentially (In the case of relay output models) or solid state device is fired which directly drives solenoid of suitable rating (In the case of solid-state output models)

The ON time and OFF time of output are separately adjusted by different potentiometers and LED indication is provided for each channel. A facility to select number of operating channels is provided.

Technical Specifications

  1. Control Supply Voltage : 230V AC / 110V AC (Specify)
  2. No. of Outputs : 5/10/20 or any other(Specify)
  3. Output Types (Please specify) : 1) 1 NO relay contact rating 5 Amp. Resistive.
                                                     2) Solid state non isolated output.
  4. Terminal : Elmex closet ype,
  5. Delay Timings : ON Time : 50-500m Sec. Adjustable.
                             OFF Time: 1-30 Sees. Adjustable (Any other, please specify)
  6. Channel Selection switch. : 1) By Link / By Thumbwheel
                                                 2) By LED / Seven Segment Red display.
  7. Led Channel Indication : By LED / Seven Segment Red display.
  8. Led For solid state Model : Non isolated type output, channel selection is by link and channel indication by Led only.

Available Enclosures

Only PCB card model for panel mounting.
Sheet metal, weatherproof, Dust proof, IP-65.
Flameproof box suitable for mounting in hazardous area IP-65.

Optional Facilities

Channel selection by thumbwheel.
Channel indication by 7 Segment display.
Facility to give external enable input and Start command by external potential free NO contact i.e. pressure switch.

Logic Of Operation With Enable & Start

With supply on "ON" solenoids are "OFF". When enable contact gets closed. Cycle starts. Start contact may be momentary or permanent (To be specified while ordering. If not specified we will assume momentary start contact). If Start contact is momentary when enable contact is open cycle stops. If Start contact is permanent, Open either enable or Start contact to stop the cycle.